Four reasons why shopping locally is a guaranteed way to a better society

What if, instead of a mind-numbing shopping experience, between massive aisles, under cold lighting, you could shop for your daily essentials from the comfort of your own home? And all the while support independent and local shops?

Local shops are core to maintaining and building our communities. Think of your local bakery, butcher, or greengrocer. They are all run by local entrepreneurs who have chased their dreams of creating livelihood out of their passion, hobby, or interest.

By choosing local, you support not only the entrepreneurs but help build a more resilient, equal food and business system in your community. If you think this sounds great, read on and you get this claim supported by four facts.

1. Support the local economy.

Spending £10 in a local food outlet is actually worth £25 to the local economy, as it is spent locally several times more. By comparison, every £10 spent in a supermarket leads to only £2.40 being spent in the local area.

You can imagine the local economy as a bucket, with money being the substance in it. The more money flows in, the fuller (the better) the bucket. Money flowing out of the local economy is a leak.

Keeping the bucket full is essential for a thriving local economy. Products bought from a local retailer are worth almost 10 times as much to the local economy as products from a long distant producer, purchased in a supermarket.

2. Respect the environment.

In 2016, over half of the UK’s food was imported. By choosing local shops, you can reduce the food waste that is produced in your community by businesses, as local shops are more capable of responding to demand than large supermarkets.

3. Help to build an accessible community

4. Have an influence beyond consumerism.

Showcasing the best food to support your budget, community and the planet.